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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ramblings on Podcasts...

Howdy Folks,

It has been a mess here in the Carolinas the past few days as we received another 6 inches of snow here on the homestead. With the cold nights that dip below freezing and the refreeze of the snow melt it can make for some dicey driving conditions.

All this cabin fever has me ready for spring! Being cooped up is a great time to listen to podcasts... well actually anytime is!

Working by myself has its benefits and also its downsides as well. While I hardly ever have anyone looking over my shoulder I often times have no one to keep me company. That is why I will pester folks like my good friend, Freedom Defender as well as WW in TN and Al in NC. Many times though, my friends are busy or I am suffering from a loss of connectivity in my wireless access, so I have to have other folks to keep me company.

I usually ride along with Jack Spirko of The Survival Podcast which has been a big help in keeping me heading in the direction I need to be in my preps. I have to say though, since Jack has been podcasting from the home office, I sure do miss those 'auto rants'. Good stuff! This guy is worth MORE than 20 cents an episode and it is why I support him via the members support brigade!

I have only been listening to Matt of The Prepper Podcast for a few weeks now and just finished listening to episode 21 today and I am totally impressed with this dude. Every week Matt has bloggers and others of the preparedness mindset on his show and does an excellent interview. For a prepper that is getting his start, Matt is going places. Keep up the good work. Also check out The American Preppers Network which has some great forums and State Clubs which folks can discuss and plan meetups. Good Stuff as well!!!

I also listen to many non S&P related podcasts, such as Leo Laporte for my Technology Fix, Today in iPhone for the latest info on iPhone related stuff, This Week in Photography for my Photography fix, and my Favorite Walt Disney World Podcast... WDW today which always brings me a little cheer because I always enjoy taking the kids to see the only mouse I don't wanna stomp on!!! LOL

I have many more podcasts that I listen as well, but I can't cover them all. I average about 18 hours a day in podcast listening... but it only takes me 9 as my iPhone has a 2x speed setting which allows me to listen to them quickly. Yeah, it takes a little getting used to, but once your ears get calibrated for it, you can easily understand everything being said! This is a way to listen to a TREMENDOUS amount of info daily and keep up with everything that interests you!

Oh yeah, I also listen to audiobooks as well... I use Audible and I am very satisfied with them. If you click on the Audible link above I WILL NOT GET ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!! I do not plan on monetizing my blog at this time, so my plug for them is only from a satisfied customer point of view!

The time I spend working with my hands is also time that I can listen to those books I never seem to have time to read because I am mostly working.

So consider getting an MP3 player, or better yet... a iPhone and finding yourself some podcasts/audiobooks to listen to, so you can learn about more things, get better educated and pass the time better!

Take it easy and thanks to all you new followers (as well as old timers!!!)



Anonymous said...

That's a lot of podcasts Zombie! I'm glad you enjoy the show, and I appreciate the support!

ZA said...

Yep it is Matt, but I have many more I DID NOT mention!!! LOL Thanks and keep up the excellent podcasts!!!


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