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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Long Hiatus...

I have been a bad blogger... it was be almost a year since my last entry...

A lot of things have happened since that last entry. I lost my Grandmother to a short fight to cancer. One of my star up and coming female German Shepherds puppy was poisoned by some antifreeze and had to be put to sleep...

Of course in life things always happen for a reason and we peon little human beings will never be able to fully comprehend the reason... To paraphrase that slogan, "Life Happens".

Not all of it has been bad, but deaths of loved ones have a way of dimming the rest of life's many blessings...

The new addition to the family will be having his first birthday soon and it is a pure joy to interact with. The older sibling is truly an angel (but don't most parents think that way about their children???).

Also have been updating some of my work skills, by taking evening classes. After succesful completion of the class 6 0f the 8 students qualified by independent testing to get a higher paying job should one come open. So it is nice to have options.

Also I have taken several preparedness related courses http://www.readyfortheworst.com/ (Rawles Gets You Ready of the SurvivalBlog fame). Received some training with Skywarn for learning about spotting severe weather. As you can see I have been very busy...


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