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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ramblings on a walk in the woods with my 1.4 50mm lens...

Howdy Folks,

Man this snow here in NC is getting OLD. It has helped us get out of this drought we have been in and has been pretty to look at. It seems here lately though, I am always working in it when the flakes are falling!

Well being I had the day off, I decided to treat myself to a little photo walk around the farm and see if I could catch anything with the camera that looked interesting. It was my first attempt at only using my Canon 1.4 50 mm lens. I usually always take along the lens that came with my Canon DSLR, a 18-55mm which IMHO is a pretty good lens. However with the fixed focal length 1.4 50mm I had to use my 'walk zoom' to either get closer or farther away to frame the pic.

I also wanted to shoot with a shallow depth of field which keeps a small area in focus, but blurs out the background. I am tickled with how these came out but I know they need some work as I am still in the learning phase.


This is a old sprayer that my Grandpa used to spray for those pesky boll weevils in his cotton fields in the 40's and 50's. It is long forgotten and is disappearing under the vines a little more each year. I love the blurring out of the background on this one!

A drop of water that looks like a jewel

I really was pleased with the way these turned out, but I plan on experimenting with this a little more. The snow was melting on the North side of this spring house. I wish I could have been on the South side to try and catch some light in the water drop as it fell. With the way it has been snowing, I should get my chance real soon! LOL Needs some work, but wow. I even caught a few in mid air that look good. An ordinary drop of water, just for a fraction of a second, is more beautiful than a diamond IMHO!


A old sign telling one not to trespass. I needed better lighting and the image is not as crisp as I would like, but I dig the background! No worries, I will get another chance as the whole homestead is my laboratory!


One of my faithful photography assistants who makes sure a deer doesn't come up behind me and attack me with antlers! Give credit where credit is due!


I have a walking trail around the homestead, and for as long as I can remember this tree has been hollow in the center since I was a wee lad. I am amazed that it has not fallen down. It seems to me it has not grown much either, but every time I pass it, it seems like an old friend that I am happy to see. With the dab of snow left on the top of the hole, it looks like a cozy place for a critter to sleep away the cold days of winter.

Well that is it for now folks, hopefully I didn't bore you non photo geeks too much, but I figured I would calm down and relax after my Ramblings on 2012 entry. Thanks for reading, and thanks for ya'll new followers on the blog. I appreciate all of you!



Illicit Dreams said...

Nice shooting... some of those photos will really pop once you get the lighting figured out for them.

ZombieAxe said...

Thanks I D!!! Yeah, lighting is where it is at!

Looking forward to maybe shooting some more this weekend.


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