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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ramblings on Rodents...

Howdy Folks,

Let's talk about rodents and the prepper...

As the weather turns cooler, those cute but destructive mice look for warmer abodes as well food which is becoming more scarce. I much prefer those rascals to stay away from my home and I wish they wouldn't find any place that I was not using.

Last week the little rascals started digging little holes around the chicken bunker. I am sure they enjoyed cleaning up the chicken feed that my birds sometimes scatter about. Other than Mickey and Minnie I have absolutely no use for the critters.

A bunch of folks don't like rodentcide and neither do I but I would rather use it than have the creatures find the mother lode of preps, chicken feed, bedding and other materials that we preppers accumulate.

So I decided to feed them the green feed of death. You must keep this away from the critters that you want to keep around (dogs and chickens in my case) so DO NOT just throw it out and hope for the best or man's best friend may not be around for long! I use the green feed mainly outside tucked up under the edges where no critters can get to them EXCEPT the mice. For all those folks this offends, tough, if you wanna catch the mice and sleep with them then that is your business, and mine is mine! I am a Libertarian so leave me alone!

Which brings me to the point of this post. MAKE SURE you have insecticide, pesticide, mouse traps, live traps, snares, etc BEFORE you need them. In other words you need to stockpile these supplies (like any other prep) so when you need them you have them.

Like anythings else, when you need it, you really need it. You can be sure that when there is not much food 2 legged critters will not be the only pests looking for food. Rodents and other creatures will become more desperate and you don't want anything in your pantry that YOU did not put in there!

Thanks for reading!



Chewiegranola said...

Hey ZA! Very appropriate post! My wife and I have declared WAR on mice when we discovered "evidence" of their presence at the foot of our bed and even more "evidence" in our pantry last week. We bought several packages of the old fashioned VICTOR wooden traps. So far we have trapped 7 mice this week alone. Once they are dispatched, I toss the carcasses on our roof for the hawks and owls.

I thought about putting the carcasses on bamboo skewers and putting them outside the house as a "message" to other mice. Then I figured that would be too much... :-)

ZombieAxe said...

Lol chewie! I like the skewer idea... As long as you don't have 'three blind mice'!


kb4cvn said...

You really can't beat the traditional Victor mouse and rat traps. Simple. Effective.

I use Peanut Butter (Smooth) to bait my traps. Easier than cheese, and you only need a little dab in the trigger to get the desired results.

Heck, I wish Surf Fishing was this easy!!!!!!

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