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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ramblings on vacations...

Howdy Folks,

I finally got to take a break from the brutal work schedule and take a week of fun in the sun. Well it was mostly sunny.

Anyways, I wanted to discuss improvised security methods while away from home base.

When you are in your castle, you are used to a certain level of security that gives you a level of comfort. So when one treads away from home, you may not have the same security methods available that you do at home.

I do not live in an apartment so I am not used to having neighbors. A condo is not much different than a apartment. I really hate those rooms that have adjoining doors and much to my dismay mine had one.

I did not have a alarm system so I had to improvise my own.

I read awhile back about using empty drink cans as an effective nosiemaker. Stacked in a pyramid they can make a bunch of noise it knocked over. My adjoining room door opened away from the cans, so a simple piece of floss tied a can at the bottom of the stack would be just as noisy.

A few chairs propped up against the outside balcony doors beef them up as they were not as strong as the front door.

Also consider that most condo's/apartments have an attic access door that give free run through the attic above. A simple object that will fall freely if the door is lifted will alert you that someone has been tampering in the loft. If it is on the floor when you return, then you know something was up.

Also consider doing the same for the front door with something similar that will fall free if the door was opened, but something that is not obvious.

I do prefer staying in places where there is NO maid service, so no one pilfers through your stuff while supposedly cleaning your room.

Also consider bringing your computer and valuables with you in your vehicle. IMHO your stuff is always safer with you than at some place that is not yours.

So next time you have to leave your fortress of solitude, you will have a few weapons in your arsenal of safety.

Be safe and I'll try to post more regularly after my mental health vacation.

PS Hopefully when I do some more 'picumentrys' my new Canon DLSR will make my pics turn out even better.

Take it easy, 73 and thanks for reading!


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