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Monday, August 24, 2009

Ramblings on working TOO much...

Howdy Folks,

I have been terribly busy @ work these past few weeks working 12-13 hours almost every day. This has resulted in my computer time being severely limited and my brain functioning in EAT/SLEEP/WORK mode.

August & September are usually my "work till I drop" months, so hopefully things will get back to normal after these next few weeks.

Luckily the money is good and it is helping patch the holes in my preps... I do feel like an almost 3/4 turned zombie a la George Romero style. IOW I feel more like a zombie than a axe! LOL

The chickens are incredible and IMHO are one of the best investments I have made into food production.

The only thing that I have keeping up on are various podcasts that I listen to about 10+ hours a day.

The preparedness podcast had an excellent one on Hydroponics last week, and Jack Spirko keeps cranking out his usual great stuff.

I don't listen totally to prep minded stuff as I enjoy many other interests, so all preps and no fun makes ZA a dull boy... well I am dull enough so no need to make it worse!

I ordered a new flashlight last week that has over twice the output of the BlackHawk Gladius and runs on ONE AA battery. We will see, but looking forward to testing that! Yep, you guessed it... it is a Maratac County Comm special... I figure it has to be pretty good, but only testing will prove it a worthy successor to my beloved Gladius.

It looks like the Scottish jerks let go of that mass murderer. I would boycott Scottish goods, but I have not bought any anyway! Where is William Wallace when you need him???

Well that is all for now as my iTunes has grabbed the latest editions of the podcasts I listen to, so off to work I go.

Thanks for reading... and I'll be back!!!


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