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Monday, February 2, 2009

Ramblings on addictions... your Achilles Heel WTSHTF

TS has finally hit the fan. You got your preps in order... or so you thought. You find out that you could not store enough whiskey/beer/cigarettes/snuff/coffee/etc. since you were too busy consuming it instead of squirreling it away.

There are no more beer runs, no stopping at the 7-11 to get a pack of smokes and no more liquor stores. What you got is what you got!!!

You can replace the whiskey if you could grow some corn and had a source of sugar, but maybe that would be better served by eating it???

You love your tobacco... do you have any tobacco seeds to grow your own in case RJR stops shipping Camel's??? What about a pipe or rolling paper???

What about coffee??? Do you need a gallon to function before anyone dare speaks to you??? Do you have a replacement (grow your own tea trees for caffiene)???

What about gluttony... do you eat what you need or eat what you want??? Better learn how to get by with what you need, because cold turkey (pun intened) isn't fun???

So what do you do about it???

Either store enough to last you until the situation ends or you die. Limit your consumption. Learn how to make a suitable replacement, or give up the habit!!!

Some of these things can be done easily, some not so much...

Do you really want to be addicted to anything that the lack thereof will allow you do STUPID STUFF when you can not afford it???

Also consider storing some of these items for barter... some folks will 'sell their soul' for a drink of liquor or just a pack of cigarettes! I figure that 'vices' will be worth a plenty in a barter situation.

This is not meant to be a 'holier than thou' type of post, as I have things to work on as well. It is meant for us to STOP, and evaluate our true needs and wants and make a plan. I mean when folks talk about 'beans, bullets and bandaids' maybe they should include the mention of 'booze' or comfort items as well.

No need to give up something you don't want to, but do have a plan so it will not become your Achilles Heel WTSHTF!


Long_Hunter said...

Ah... Addicts. One of the sources of an early raiding population. We have a number of the items you mentioned in our rotational barter stock.

First look at your blog... good stuff.

WarriorShaman said...


Yeah, I wonder what many of my associates would do without smokes and booze. Food is hard enough sometimes....

Nice blog bud!

ZombieAxe said...

Thanks for looking LH and WS :)

One should not be the one that is needing to feed that addiction POST SHTF... many folks go crazy and at one time many moons ago, I would give about anything for a dip of Copenhagen when I was out... Scary place to be!!!

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