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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ramblings on acceptable risks

I got an email from a reader the other day about taking a good paying job in DC. "Eric" asked me what I thought about taking the job. Here is my reply:

Thanks Eric for the email,

Life is about deciding acceptable risks. Which risks you are willing to take and if those risks will reward you for taking them. I can think of the example of the "contractor" in Iraq... he takes great risks in carrying out his duties... but he makes quite a bit of money... for the period he has agreed to...

Some jobs are not that dramatic, but all carry a ratio of "risk to reward". Not trying to preach or anything... just trying to put it in perspective...

I gather from your email that you currently living close to DC... so you may not be "shocked" by the condition/situation like someone from the rural South... So if you are a hardened "veteran" of the area and can stand it... Then go for it! If I scanned your email wrong... and you are from an area unlike DC... then I would avoid it!

If I did take a job in DC... you had better believe I would have some serious S&P gear (within legal limits of course) for about every contigency I could think of... especially terrorist related!

You do not need a firearm to survive... it just makes things easier if you can... Remember that thing between your ears is your greatest weapon... equip it with all the upgrades it will hold!!!

I can not tell you what to do... just offer you some guidance. If you think that DC is the bull's eye for a terrorist attack... then you need to ask yourself, "is it worth the risk?"

You can die tragically at any job in any place... there are NO guarentees in life that something is a surefire SAFE thing to be doing!!!

I personally would run like heck from that area... but it not just from possible terrorist attacks... it is the anti-gun, political, crime/social matters, and the lack of wide open spaces that keep me away...

As for the probability of a terrorist attack (like the Jericho scenario)... it can possibly happen... remember that it is not a matter of 'if'... it's a matter of 'when'...

I am not bashing any of your "prophets"... but I don't remember how many "chicken littles" I have heard over the years... Most like to set dates or timelines... which go by without anything happening... We know the "sky is gonna fall" but we don't know when... unless those people are the ones that are gonna make it fall!!!

Like I said not trying to bash any decent folk... just be leary of "date setters".

I hope it gave you something to think about and it was helpful in some way.Have a great day and good luck in what ever you decide...

Keep us posted!

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